1. Pagan Burial

From the recording Pagan Burial

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released November 24, 2023
Links: https://ffm.to/pagan-burial

Song produced and written by Miss Randall
Drums/Vocals performed by Miss Randall
Recorded at Wrong Way Recording
Engineered by Rob Wrong
Pre-master mix by Tobias Enhus
Mastered by Glen Nicholls
Session Guitars and Bass performed by David Nelson
Session Keys performed by "Chuwii" Jesus Gonzalez Ramirez

MASTER/One-stop: buio.omega.productions@gmail.com

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Shroud of belief
A place to nowhere
There's nothing see
The dream is over
Ohh, Pagan Burial

The end is sober
There's nothing to be
Nothing to conquer
Ohh, Pagan Burial

My weapons, possessions, and skin
Symbols of all that I've been
Let it burn...
Let it burn, burn, burn

Finally, the world has no borders
And I will see what comes after life
No regrets, I am going further
But I’ll always be!

The Gods are in me
I'm getting closer
My staff is with me
The wait is over
Ohh, Pagan Burial

After all sin
Remove all blunder
I am in peace
My life is over
Ohh, Pagan Burial