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Music Premiere: Qarinah Unleashes New Single “Hell or High Water” 

“Hell or High Water” opens on emerging dark, growling guitars flowing into a heavy muscular rhythm revolving around Miss Randall’s powerful, finessed drumming. Chunky guitars infuse the harmonics with surging waves of brawny sound. Miss Randall’s electrifying, Medusa-like vocals imbue the lyrics with delicious tones of melodic tenacity, dripping with portentous surfaces.

Drenched in thick aluminum guitars, “Hell or High Water” is at once brutal, elegant, and edgy, highlighted by the haunting, evocative voice of Miss Randall.

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SinisterGirlz Podcast Miss Randall Interview with Leslie DJ 

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This week, Miss Randall joins us for a great conversation on being a metal indie singer-songwriter and drummer. Listen to us discuss her new EP, “Desertations, Vol. 1”

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Brazil Love: With the power of women in Metal, Miss Randall arrives firm and strong 

The experienced North American singer Miss Randall has been carrying out her solo career with mastery, now with a sensational single, “Pagan Burial”, and which already has its official video clip, now available on the main audio visual platforms. In this new work, Randall shows all his musical versatility, where he uses a lot of the bases of Heavy Metal and Melodic Metal . Getting carried away by the medieval atmosphere, the clip resonates a lot with dreams and ancient beliefs devoured by the passing of years and history, the music, very well done, shows all the skill of the musicians in their instrumental interpretations. Come check out Miss Randall's other works

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From Female Drummer/Singers Karen Carpenter, Sheila E. & Meg White, now to Miss Randall who Drops her Rapturous “Pagan Burial” 

There have been some awesome drummers who sing lead vocals in rock’s timeline going back to people like Levon Helm, Phil Collins, Don Henley and Dave Grohl, then more recently with Anderson Paak and Questlove. But our ladies have also whipped the skins while singing their hearts out from Karen Carpenter, Sheila E., and Meg White…and also, Miss Randall who is called “a rarity in rock and metal bands — to have a female ‘manning’ the kit.”


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V13.Net: "Desertations" Music Video Premiere 

"It’s a slick, grooving, enormously satisfying tune that has everything every great rock song should have. It also has a very classic feel to it, something missing from a lot of the guitar riff-based music of today. Not a lot of acts are able to reinterpret the ’70s guitar sound very effectively. But not every act is like Miss Randall, a well-established, extremely versatile songwriter, instrumentalist, drummer, and performer."

Read more via V13.Net Miss Randall Premieres "Desertations"  

“Desertations” opens with potent percussion topped by sneering guitar riffs flowing into a portentous rhythm capped by a fat, rolling bassline that pulsates with thrumming resonance. Miss Randall’s vocals imbue the lyrics with spellbinding tones. An interlude of growling guitars leads to a dream-like refrain, dripping with entrancing depth.

Hypnotic and heavy, with “Desertations,” Miss Randall takes listeners on a compelling voyage through a mystical desert landscape.

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Attic Full of Flannel: Scorching Hot Single “Hell Come Undone” 

Review by “Hell Come Undone” unveils yet another side of Miss Randall that is bluesy and bold, and definitely something you will dig if you’re already a fan of Larkin Poe and Samantha Fish.  

The track is described as having “multiple layers of understanding, but it’s connected to a playful take on the Aeon of the Kali Yuga, a destructive but regenerative cycle in time which we are living in, according to Hinduism.”

-Dan Alleva

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Track Premiere: Miss Randall – “Hell Come Undone" via Celebmix 

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“Hell Come Undone” opens on heavy guitars riding powerful percussion. Drenched in flavors of retro rock, the harmonics form a rich, vibrant melody topped by Miss Randall’s powerhouse vocals, dripping with wicked tones, imbuing the lyrics with ominous textures, as if sensing imminent events.

Radiant vocal harmonies give the tune glowing depth and dimension, accentuating the grand, evocative voice of Miss Randall. A snarling guitar solo infuses the harmonics with grimacing licks, adding fierce incandescence.

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