Miss Randall means serious business with her artistry, weaving between metal and punk-rock sounds, her talents know no bounds. ”

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"Intuition & Perseverance"

The World of Miss Randall

Now based in Portland, Oregon, Miss Randall is "a multifaceted artist known for her eclectic musical skill sets" (Metal Insider). The singer-songwriter, drummer, and producer says to be driven by esoteric intuition and the beautiful--sometimes uncomfortable--themes of the human condition. 

She has kickstarted her solo songwriter career with singles such as "Heaven Doesn't Want Me" as well as The Crystal Ship (The Doors cover) and The Deb short soundtrack

Other singles will be included in her upcoming EP, Desertations Vol. 1, out November 10th, 2023. The next batch of singles for Vol. 2 are currently under production.  

On the flip side, Miss Randall is known as a heavy metal musician, most recently uniting forces with German producer/guitarist Waldemar Sorychta in an upcoming full band. Waldemar produced timeless albums during Century Media's heyday such as Tiamat, Lacuna Coil, Samael, and Moonspell, as well as being the lead guitarist/composer in "Grip Inc." next to Dave Lombardo. 

Miss Randall has multiple albums and singles under her belt, written and produced for her former LA-based metal trio Rusty Eye. She has appeared as a featured vocalist in trailer music for "Insidious Chapter 2" in songs such as La Llorona Insidiosa (Music Junkies) or advertising spots for "Nextrip," a Los Angeles Metro app. 

TBA are additional collaborations, as well as a backing band in her hometown of Portland, Oregon.

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